Feel sexy from the inside out.

Whether you have an autoimmune or autoimmune-associated condition like PCOS or endometriosis, Sexy Food Therapy will help you thrive with a combination of food, supplements and lifestyle changes rooted in Functional Nutrition and Chinese Medicine.

But first, what makes Sexy Food Therapy, well…sexy?

For starters, it isn’t about aphrodisiac foods, garters or stockings (although I won’t judge you if that’s your thing). It’s more than that.

If you ask a woman what the word, “sexy” means to her, most will tell you it’s feeling confident, vital and comfortable with their own body when they walk into a room (and really own it!).

With Sexy Food Therapy, when you become empowered about how to overcome the hormonal and autoimmune symptoms that have plagued you for years, you’ll reignite a spark within so that all aspects of your life can finally thrive.



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Hey there!

I’m Melissa Ramos, and I help women regulate their hormones and autoimmunity for clearer skin, happier periods, ageless beauty, and healthier ovaries (okay, AND I talk about poop too.)

As a nutritionist with a background in Chinese medicine, I’ve been a health expert for CTV’s The Social, a TEDx Speaker, and an official health writer for the Huffington Post.  I’m not here to sugarcoat the struggle. I’m here to help you HEAL, with the right combination of food, supplements, and lifestyle changes, plus all the compassion, expertise, and humour one website can hold. After all, laughter is medicine too.

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