Employment Opportunities within DTV Church

Executive Administrative Assistant to Senior Pastor (Part time)

Summary Description of Position

A management level position supporting the Senior Pastor, Executive Pastor and managing the office and building needs.

Leadership Responsibilities

  • Ability to nurture relationships and provide support and encouragement.
  • Demonstrate the ability to work well with people, both internally and with external contacts.
  • Basic computer skills including Microsoft Word, Excel, Google, and internet.
  • Ability to prioritize, follow-up and manage multiple projects at one time.
  • Good written and verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to make quick, accurate and appropriate decisions.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

  • Support the Senior Pastor, and office staff.
  • Organize, put in promotions, and execute special events.
  • Work with all departments that are overseen by the Senior & Executive Pastor.
  • Monday mornings, go into Planning Center and copy over all connect cards, and prayer requests into workflows and assign them to the staff.
  • Publish and distribute agenda and meeting minutes and follow-up on action items.
  • Implement office procedures.
  • Create, maintain, and provide office forms, training material, etc.
  • Mail out newcomer packets to our 1st & 2nd time guests.
  • Communication with our DTV family by sending flowers or cards when needed.
  • Sunday morning services folder: I proof pre & post, announcements, Sunday question, sermon slides, videos, and service host slides. I also gather the needed squares for the Lobby and post and keep current.
  • Series Promotion for upcoming sermon series. I work with Senior Pastor and Bluebee Media to get content communication going for the creation of video 4 weeks prior to the new series starting.
  • Take care of our monthly Volunteer Spotlight highlight. Have a card signed by all staff and make a thank you bag for that person and deliver it on the Sunday they are being highlighted.
  • Track use of Lobby in Planning Center and put out tables, tablecloths, copying handouts and making signs when needed prior to Sunday.
  • Winter & Fall Class setup: work Michelle for the shopping for food, set each area for the dessert they need… adult classes, youth classes and Lobby snack, coffee, and water bottles.
  • Shop for any needs for Communion, buy juice, containers and get communion bread taken care of with George.
  • Remain flexible as needs and projects change.

Management Responsibilities

  • Manage the church office.
  • Meet weekly with the Senior Pastor to support their needs and our staff health.
  • Manage & schedule/calendar all staff meetings and special meetings or church events for the staff.
  • Manage Senior Pastors’ calendars, as well as Senior Pastor’s email.
  • Support and encourage staff and volunteers.
  • Facilitate and schedule building usage in conjunction with staff.
  • This is the point person for scheduling work that is needed on the building (plumber, electrician, maintenance work on swamp coolers & sprinkler systems, as well as additions and repair work.
  • Manage the flow of needed supplies or needed items for events.
  • Maintain accountability and communication within the ministry team leads; including but not limited to workflows, processes, and procedures, scheduling volunteers and church database.
  • Finance Office support: get mail, initiate check requests, keep the Finance file cabinet organized.
  • Attend weekly team meetings.
  • Stay informed about church structure, function, procedures, regulations & policies.
  • Manage church Planning Center and master calendar.
  • Complete miscellaneous special projects as assigned.

Requirements, Abilities and Qualifications

In this position:

  • Ability to lead, guide and direct staff.
  • Ability to motivate staff and volunteers, coordinate their efforts and integrate activities.
  • Ability to research, collect and analyze data.
  • Strong interpersonal skills (be a good team member).
  • As a leader, the ability to rally the troops and bring clarity to the vision of the church.

All employees of the church must be able to

  • Demonstrate the core values of the Downtown Vineyard Church.
  • Treat members, visitors and colleagues with dignity and respect.
  • Be an attentive listener fully listening to all questions and concerns posed by members and colleagues.
  • Adhere to church-wide and department specific policies, procedures, and group norms.
  • Apply common sense when it should prevail.
  • Adhere to policies and procedures including Human Resource policies, safety policies and incident report requirements.
  • Participate in weekly Management Team and Pastor’s meetings as they are scheduled.
  • Be on time and courteous.
  • Work independently as well as part of a team.
  • Complete work in a timely fashion.

Interested? To apply email your resume, cover-letter, and referrals to


Downtown Vineyard Church
402 Grand Avenue
Grand Junction, CO 81501


Sundays 10AM

Office Hours

Monday - Thursday
9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

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